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Septic Mound System Maintenance Call

In certain areas of Florida, the water tables are high and a mound septic system must be used. In this case, an electric pump will filter waste water through a constructed sand mound where the effluent is treated. Mound septic systems are great alternatives but do require the property owner to be vigilant with maintenance. Call us today for an inspection and recommended maintenance plan.

Septic Alarm and Septic Pump Replacement

SEPTIC HOMEOWNERS! Don’t get a false sense of security just because you have a septic alarm. Sometimes these alarms
aren’t initially installed properly OR they stop working due to corrosion. This happened to a family we worked with last week. They were just hours away from a really bad sewage backup in their house. 

It’s a good idea to TEST YOUR SEPTIC ALARM every few months. That’s exactly what the “TEST” button is designed to do. 

Make sure the light flashes and the beeping alarm works. This will alert you that a problem might be about 48 hours away — and it buys you some time to give us a call. 

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